Freelance Sign Design To The Trade.

Welcome to Letterbox Sign Design. I am a freelance sign designer with over 20 years of industry experience with large and small sign manufacturers. I started Letterbox after realizing that while freelance graphic designers are a dime-a-dozen, there is a significant lack of designers out there with real world experience in the sign industry. Any designer can draw up a sign that looks pretty on paper, but it takes years of hands-on experience to design a sign that not only looks great, but also meets local zoning and building codes, can actually be fabricated, and will be built in a way that serves the end user best. I strive to be a resource for other designers, architects, and fabricators.


What We Do.

I started Letterbox to design signs, period. I don’t design logos. I don’t design car wraps. I don’t design websites and I don’t design happy birthday banners. I design signs large and small. From a simple interior restroom sign to a full blown wayfinding sign program for a medical facility, or a basic exterior parking sign to a complete exterior signage package for a building or campus, if it falls under the scope of signage, I design it.

Why Hire Letterbox?

Finding a qualified, experienced sign designer is hard (I know, I owned a sign company for 13 years, and one of the biggest struggles I faced was finding designers up to the task). Whether you’re a large company in the peak of your busy season and just need to outsource some overflow design work, a growing medium-sized company looking for a resource until your workload justifies bringing another designer in house, or a small sign shop looking to expand into new markets, hiring Letterbox Sign Design is the most cost effective way to get quality, practical, buildable sign designs in your clients’ hands. You don’t have to pay me a 401K, I don’t take breaks or vacations (well I do, but not at your expense), you don’t have to pay for my health insurance, or buy me a computer and software, and I won’t add to your overhead. You just pay me to design, whatever you need, whenever you need it.

Let’s Get Started!

Please take some time to browse through my work samples, read a bit more about me here, and then reach out to discuss getting started with your first design project. I look forward to working with you!